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ANNOUNCING: The Center for Transformation and Change

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It was a great day! Recently, one of the people in my year-long Certification Program observed me facilitating a day-long workshop on creating inclusive organizations. I believed she learned a lot and I appreciated her observations and feedback as we debriefed over dinner. Each passing day since the election, I am ever more deeply committed [...]

Lessons from a Cockroach

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I have always hated cockroaches and so imagine my revulsion as I saw THE BIGGEST COCKROACH EVER as I left the gym just now. I thought to crush it, then had a moment to wonder what message its appearance might be bringing me….And as I Googled “Cockroach totem", half thinking there could never be anything [...]

Choosing courage to speak my truth

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“Being vulnerable feels dangerous and I think it feels scary and I think it is terrifying but I don't think it's as dangerous, scary or terrifying as getting to the end of our lives and wondering, 'What if I would have shown up?'” ~ Brené Brown I had spent so much of my life hiding, trying to [...]

Following my path

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I just recognized that "dread" and dream" are separated by a single letter….I have chosen dread and fear so much of my life….maybe out of the illusion that by choosing fear I would be safer. I slowly built and reinforced  a cage around myself each time I chose fear. Today I choose to dismantle this [...]

The New Normal

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In response to an interview question this morning about the needs of students of color on campuses, I said they need white administrators, faculty and staff who consistently demonstrate the competence to create inclusive campus environments for all students and to dismantle any racist policies, practices and programs that exist. And I am now remembering [...]

Part 4: Infusing Diversity Into Everything We Do

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 “If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb Earlier in my career as a college administrator and an organizational consultant I used to teach a wide variety of courses on various interpersonal skills (leadership development, team building, communication skills, conflict management, customer service, stress management, [...]

Part 2: Infusing Diversity and Inclusion into Everything We Do

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“If you see with your heart, all masks disappear.” Sufi saying Most training and educational sessions that address topics related to interpersonal skills, team dynamics, and leadership can readily apply the 2nd layer for infusing diversity and inclusion. There are two key elements in this layer: Use examples and images that shift the traditional ways [...]