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5 Ways to Overcome Burnout This Season

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Tis the season…for sparkling lights, glittering gift boxes and dazzling displays. But get real and admit it. You’ve lost your spark. In fact, you’re barely lit. You’re going through the motions, but there’s no passion, there’s no excitement. You’re going through the motions – but there’s no zeal, no fire in you. This isn’t just [...]

Reignite the Passion for Your Work With Self-Care

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Self-care for change agents | You need self care | Reignite the passion for your work

More and more change agents and activists are in deep burnout these days – and they don’t even realize it.  They are still getting up every morning to work for social justice, but things just don’t feel like they used to. But as dedicated change agents, they keep on. The challenge is that they are [...]

5 Practical Strategies to Overcome Burnout When You’re a Change Agent

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Burnout. Passion fatigue. It’s something I’m seeing a lot more of these days. And yes, bad-ass change agents, I’m seeing it in you, too. You’re on the front lines working tirelessly for social justice and greater inclusion in our organizations and our world. But… As an advocate and activist, you’re going out there every day [...]

Overcome Office Dysfunction

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Here's the truth: There ARE more effective ways to deal with frustration in the workplace - some simple tips can show you how and when to implement the tools necessary to transform negative workplace dynamics and office politics. Even though you can’t control people or situations, you can take charge of the way you respond. Reclaim [...]

Identify Your Hot Buttons to Effectively Navigate Workplace Conflict

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Finding yourself frustrated with coworkers, managers, or employees? If you feel that your 'hot buttons' are being pushed at work and you're ready to take action and gain some tools to navigate these situations of office politics and workplace conflict, keep reading... You’re leading an important meeting or making a presentation when someone interrupts you [...]