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Overcome Office Dysfunction

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Here's the truth: There ARE more effective ways to deal with frustration in the workplace - some simple tips can show you how and when to implement the tools necessary to transform negative workplace dynamics and office politics. Even though you can’t control people or situations, you can take charge of the way you respond. Reclaim [...]

Identify Your Hot Buttons to Effectively Navigate Workplace Conflict

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Finding yourself frustrated with coworkers, managers, or employees? If you feel that your 'hot buttons' are being pushed at work and you're ready to take action and gain some tools to navigate these situations of office politics and workplace conflict, keep reading... You’re leading an important meeting or making a presentation when someone interrupts you [...]

Less Conflict at Work: Is it Really Possible?

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I’ve been hearing from so many people about the difficult situations they’re encountering at work – tangled conflicts, mismanaged situations, ego-driven politics, and escalating tensions – to name just a few. And the results of workplace conflict are catastrophic to any business! In the 30 years I’ve been doing training and organizational change work, my [...]

Triggered? Take control and choose how you respond – don’t just react

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Triggering events occur when we react unexpectedly and/or intensely to an internal or external circumstance or “trigger.” This happens to us all. The “trigger” itself can be just about anything – a colleague says something offensive; a participant in a meeting makes snarky comments; you read an inflammatory post on social media; a family member [...]

You’re not racist…or are you?

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When I was growing up, “racist” to me meant the KKK, white supremacy, white nationalists – those types of terms. So, I came to believe that I was a “good” white since I wasn’t one of those people. After all, “racist” meant you were a horrible person, evil. How many of you reading this can [...]

Increase Your Effectiveness: Pointers to Help You Navigate Challenging Situations

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In a recent post, I talked briefly about what to do when you encounter a challenging situation. Now, I’m going deeper into this topic with pointers to help you respond more effectively.   -a wave of emotion come over you that you weren’t expecting? -knocked off your game? -like your buttons are being pushed? -angry, [...]

What To Do When Your Buttons Get Pushed: Tools To Help You Respond In Difficult Situations

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Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re at work when someone says something that rubs you the wrong way. It takes you off guard. Now you’re hooked…and before you realize it, you’ve said something you know you’re going to regret later on. Who hasn’t encountered a situation like this? I know I have, many times. [...]