Dr. Kathy Obear

Developing a Team of Inclusion Practitioners

Kathy will partner with campus leaders to develop a cadre of Inclusion Practitioners within a division and/or across campus. Through this 4-6+ month process participants will develop their capacity to infuse issues of equity and inclusion into daily practices and develop and/or revise policies, programs, practices, and services with an Inclusion Lens.

Inclusion Practitioners can add value in various roles on campus, such as:

  • Provide an Inclusion Lens during staff meetings, on departmental committees and task forces, etc.
  • Serve on Search Committees as an Inclusion Practitioner
  • Serve as a peer coach for colleagues who want to improve their practice.
  • Facilitate Peer Coaching Groups as a part of a comprehensive Professional Development Plan.
  • Co-facilitate professional development sessions for the division.
  • Co-facilitate inclusion training sessions for students served by the division.