Foundations of Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice

Kathy designs and facilitates high impact workshops to help students, staff and faculty deepen their multicultural competencies and capacity to create inclusive campus environments.

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Learning outcomes

Workshops facilitate the following growth:

Learn and practice

concepts, tools and skills to create greater inclusion on campus

Increase ability to:

  • Engage in authentic, productive dialogue about issues of inclusion and marginalization on campus.
  • Understand the college/university’s commitment to creating an inclusive, welcoming campus for all
  • Identify the current and anticipated demographics of students, staff, and faculty within the college/university community and the division.
  • Discuss the positive impact of an inclusive campus environment on the university’s mission and goals as well as the probable negative consequences for failing to create greater equity and inclusion on campus
  • Recognize the range of differences on campus
  • Identify the full breadth of your group memberships
  • Recognize the range of disrespectful treatment and microaggressions that members of marginalized groups experience on college campus and in the local community
  • Identify your membership in multiple privileged and marginalized groups
  • Engage in authentic dialogue about the current campus climate and culture for members of marginalized groups
  • Identify common practices that create inclusion and a welcoming, respectful campus community
  • Practice tools and skills to respond effectively during micro aggressions and other uninclusive situations
  • Emphasize the college’s university’s expectations that all students, staff, faculty and administrators help create and maintain an inclusive campus environment for all
  • Identify 1-2 personal action steps for creating a welcoming, affirming campus environment
  • Identify learning goals and next steps for creating greater inclusion in your sphere of influence