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LIVE White Accountability Groups

Co-hosted with Dr. Kathy Obear and Rachael Forester

The 90-minute Zoom sessions are held Tuesdays at 3pm ET and Fridays at 5pm ET

Join us in a community of support in these turbulent, unpredictable times as we focus on self accountability and deep self work.

Please email us for the link at:

The same link is used for the Convening White Accountability Group sessions, on Wednesdays @ 5pm ET

Resources for White Accountability Groups

Continuously Updated Google Docs

Folder for White Accountability Groups

Virtual White Accountability Group ~ Activities and Themes so far

CHAT Comments from White Accountability Group Sessions co-facilitated in May-July 2020 by Rachael Forrester & Kathy Obear

Convening White Accountability Groups: Notes From the Zoom Sessions

Resources for White Accountability Groups: Recommendations from Participants

Zoom White Accountability Space PDF’s

White Accountability Sessions #2-4 PDF

White Accountability Sessions #4-10 PDF


Leading White Accountability Spaces in Your Organization Handout

Radio Shows

Radio Show With Dr. Robin DiAngelo, Author of White Fragility!

Radio Show: White Accountability Spaces in Organizations: Develop Effective White Accomplices and Change Agents!

Radio Show: White Accountability Spaces in Organizations: Develop Effective White Accomplices & Change Agents, Part 2!

Radio Show: Transformation and Change in These Times: A Conversation with Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.


Suggested Competencies for White Allies and Change Agents Worksheet

Common Racists Attitudes and Behaviors of Whites Worksheet


White Supremacy Culture Cards, based on the work of Kenneth Jones & Tema Okun

Group Identity Cards: Template and Ways to Use Them 


Recognizing and Interrupting Racism in Your Organization Webinar

Dismantling Racism: 1 Hour Video with Student Affairs Live

Strategies to Use an Inclusion Lens in Crisis Management Webinar & Slides

Webinar: White People Talking to White People About Racism With USC Race and Equity Center

Other Links

Creating Equitable and Inclusive Policies and Procedures

Knowledge Base: A Rich Data Base of Q&A Videos with Dr Kathy Obear

Navigating Difficult Situations in the Workplace

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This course won’t make you somehow immune to what’s going on around you.
It won’t teach you to simply ignore the bad and focus on the good.

This course is about facing up to the reality of the situations and doing something about it.