Creating Inclusive, Socially Just Campus Environments

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Well-intended diversity initiatives often fall short of desired outcomes. While increasing awareness, most efforts do not create significant, sustainable organizational change. How can Student Affairs leaders and Campus Diversity Councils create inclusive, socially just campus communities through systemic, long-term culture change? Kathy designs training sessions to help campus leaders and members of Campus and Division Inclusion Change Teams deepen their capacity to create meaningful, sustainable campus change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use an Inclusion Lens to engage in authentic dialogue about the current culture and climate in the division and on campus
  • Apply the MCOD model (Jackson & Hardiman; Jackson & Holvino) to begin to assess the Stage of Inclusion in departments, the division, and the overall campus
  • Identify critical Inclusive Indicators of a multicultural organization
  • Identify fundamental multicultural competencies for students, staff and faculty
  • Review and consider specific strategic actions that support organizational movement towards becoming a more inclusive and socially just campus
  • Practice using an Inclusion Lens to analyze current policies and practices within the division
  • Identify next steps for creating greater inclusion and social justice within the division and your spheres of influence