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Transformation and Change Radio Hosted by Dr. Kathy Obear

Monday, July 6th at 1pm ET

Transformation and Change in These Times, Part 2: A Conversation with Natalie J. Thoreson, Invision Consulting

We will dive into an intense, engaging dialogue about the current national dynamics, racism, white supremacy, and the crucial role of racial/social justice change agents in this transformative moment in our history.

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LIVE White Accountability Groups

Co-hosted with Dr. Kathy Obear and Rachael Forester

The 90-minute Zoom sessions are held Tuesdays at 3pm ET and Fridays at 5pm ET

Join us in a community of support in these turbulent, unpredictable times as we focus on self accountability and deep self work.

Please email us for the link at: wasracialjustice@gmail.com

The same link is used for the Convening White Accountability Group sessions, on Wednesdays @ 5pm ET

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Community Connections

A 1-hr call with Dr. Kathy Obear, Tuesdays & Fridays at 10 AM MT/12 PM ET.

Join us in a community of support in these turbulent, unpredictable times.

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Navigating Difficult Situations in the Workplace

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This course won’t make you somehow immune to what’s going on around you.
It won’t teach you to simply ignore the bad and focus on the good.

This course is about facing up to the reality of the situations and doing something about it.

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RE-Envision 2020

A Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Virtual Conference

I have an innovative new way to deepen your professional capacity, from the comfort of your own home!

Accelerated Programs

Design and Facilitation Skill Building!

Facilitation and Design Master Class

Lead organizational change with a 24-week curriculum and support focused on how to Facilitate and Design powerful workshops on Equity, Inclusion, & Social Justice.

Inclusion Partner Program: Strategic Leadership Development

A 12-Week Program Just for Inclusion Practitioners

Designed to help develop the internal capacity of organizations so that they have the internal resources they need to partner with senior leaders to create more meaningful, sustainable change.

Professional Development

Expedite the capacity of staff and faculty to accelerate student success, employee retention and performance with my brand new, innovative Comprehensive Professional Development Program.

Year Long Mentorship

Work directly with Kathy to develop skills and competencies you need to ignite greater change and transformation. Whether you want to expand your capacity as a leader, change agent, speaker, consultant, trainer, and/or coach, Kathy will support you along the way to achieve your goals.

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