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…But I’m Not Racist

I'm not racist

LAUNCHED in January, 2017!

Kathy Obear’s NEW book
…But I’m Not Racist
Tools for Well-Meaning Whites

Who would you be if you were no longer afraid someone would call you racist? What impact could you have if you had proven tools and techniques to create greater racial justice in your organization? For the past two decades as a speaker and an executive coach, Dr. Kathy Obear has helped thousands of whites find the courage to challenge and change the dynamics of racism in their organizations.

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Turn The Tide

LAUNCHED in January, 2016!

Kathy Obear’s book
Turn the Tide
Rise above Toxic, Difficult Situations in the Workplace

It is extremely common to get “hooked” and feel triggered during toxic, difficult work situations. We feel this unexpected wave of deep anger, defensiveness or fear and are knocked off our game. We react immediately and automatically, and while our unconscious reactions can be productive, most often, our triggered responses have negative consequences for us and for others. In this book you will learn proven tools and techniques to effectively navigate your emotional reactions and respond in ways that get the positive results you want. Take your power back and get the respect you deserve!

You can find my book on Amazon

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