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Is Workplace Conflict Pushing Your Buttons? Try This.

Are you tired of workplace drama – the same old employees pushing your buttons, because they just seem to know your triggers?


Transform Workplace Conflict? YES, It IS Possible!

Do you feel like you’re in a battlefield, where a productive, inclusive and rewarding atmosphere has been crushed by continual arguing, insults and toxic behaviors?

And worst of all, are you frustrated because you want to change the way you respond, but can’t seem to see your way out?

Good news! You don’t have to tolerate it or hope that someday things will get better – I can show you how to respond effectively to toxic workplace situations – with your integrity intact. Even better, you’ll also be able to inspire your colleagues to successfully navigate difficult workplace situations.

My self-paced video course, Navigating Difficult Situations, will enable you to control your reactions, respond effectively…and stop getting stepped on.

You know you can’t change people – but YOU can control how you RESPOND.


“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”



Thinking of Leaving Your Job Because of Workplace Conflict?

I’ve heard it many times: employees are so fed up with being disrespected at work, dealing with toxic situations and unproductive conflict, that they think the only answer is to find work elsewhere.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

What my engaging video course, Navigating Difficult Situations, WON’T do:


-Make you immune to what’s going on around you

-Teach you to ignore the bad and focus on the good


My 6-video, self-paced course, Navigating Difficult Situations, WILL:


-Show you how to face up to the reality of the difficult situations and do something about them

-Help you develop the courage and capacity to successfully manage conflict at work and speak your truth during interpersonal and team conflicts


The result? Stronger effectiveness, a more fulfilling work experience, and greater inclusion in the workplace.

No more making career-limiting moves! I’ll show you how to gain the confidence and capacity you need to resolve unproductive dynamics and create a more inclusive workplace.


“I May Have Pushed My Buttons, But I Didn’t Install Them”

Marshall Rosenberg spoke those words – and how true they are.


Past experiences in life, unresolved issues and old wounds, the cumulative impact of your more recent experiences, fears, unmet needs, biases and assumptions all play into how you react – how your buttons are pushed.


By identifying and recognizing the personal “roots” of your unique triggers, I can help you change your story.

In every situation e make up a “story” about what we think is happening. Our story creates our feelings, physiological “warning signs” that we are triggered, and our thoughts about ourselves and others. If we change our story, we change our reactions!


Here’s an example:

I woke up suddenly and immediately felt anxious as I realized my alarm hadn’t gone off – I was an hour late to an important meeting! But then I put on my glasses and realized I had misread the clock. It was actually two hours earlier.

In the space of a single moment, I went from feeling deeply anxious to feeling great relief. The clock hadn’t changed. It was my interpretation of what I thought I saw that created my different emotional reactions.


Change Your Thought, Change Your Reaction

When we change our unproductive thoughts, we can begin to choose effective responses, such as:

When You Think: Shift Your Thought To:
They’re not getting what I’m trying to say! This training is a failure. I will do the best I can. I’m not responsible for everyone’s learning.
He’s such a *^% for interrupting me! I don’t appreciate his timing, but at least he’s willing to engage in dialogue.
I should know the answer to that! I’m not the expert on everything. I can say “I don’t know” and ask others for their input.


Think of troublesome, triggering situations you’ve recently experienced. How could you have shifted your thoughts?

I’ll help you answer that question in my lively, comprehensive video course, Navigating Difficult Situations. You can speak your truth and stand in your power!


Remember, We All Make Mistakes

Life is a journey and as we travel, we all hit bumps, detours and pot holes – and those inevitable triggers.

Triggers can be a powerful learning experience.

And everything does happen for a reason. Learn why a trigger affects you and how you can effectively change your behavior – and change your life in the process.

If you want greater confidence and courage at work, if you want to speak your truth during unproductive conflicts (and inspire others to do the same), all to create greater effectiveness and more inclusion in the workplace, sign up for my extensive video course, “Navigating Difficult Situations.

You’re worth it! You – and everyone else in your organization – deserve to work in a productive, rewarding, supportive environment where every single person feels valued and respected.


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