Disconnect Between Your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Goals
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Is there a Disconnect Between Your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Goals – and What’s Actually Happening?

Across the nation, most leaders would agree that there is a renewed energy, commitment, and in many cases, even a sense of urgency, to live up to the promises as set forth in their mission statements and strategic plans.

Most often, I see diversity, equity and inclusion goals like the following:

  • Disconnect Between Your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training Goals | Diversity | Inclusion | Equity and InclusionDeepen the capacity and competence of all members of the organization to create a more inclusive, socially just environment.
  • Support and accelerate the professional/academic and personal success of the full range of individuals the organization serves.
  • Create inclusive work environments that support the success of the full range of employees across group membership.

All of this looks great on paper, it sounds empowering when we speak it…so, what’s the problem?

Is there a disconnect between diversity, equity and inclusion goals…

…and what’s actually happening at organizations and on campuses nationwide?

In my experience…yes. Here’s what I see happening with increasing frequency:

  • Students and employees are raising issues and concerns to make demands for immediate, meaningful change. They’re experiencing a painful GAP between what is stated as the vision and purpose of the organization – and what’s actually happening on a daily basis.
  • Employees and students are expressing their concerns about the toxic organizational culture and climate – the microaggressions they experience as well as the negative differential impact of uninclusive policies and practices. In many cases, leaders and staff members do not have the capacity, competence, or courage to create greater equity and inclusion.

Can you relate to these statements about the state of equity and inclusion at your organization?

I’m willing to bet some of these statements surrounding diversity and inclusion ring true for your organization:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training | Diversity | Inclusion | Equity and InclusionWe are not where we need to be – and we haven’t been for a long
  • The issues we’re facing aren’t really new – they just haven’t been effectively
  • Courageous groups of staff and some supervisors – and even climate surveys and focus groups – have brought up these issues before.
  • There was a surge of energy and focus on meaningful change following a critical incident…but over time, that energy and focus drained away.
  • And then another crisis happened…followed by yet another knee-jerk reaction…but no meaningful, lasting change ever seems to take place.

Don’t get me wrong – these statements are certainly not true for every organization or for every campus: some institutions are far more proactive as they work continually to strategize, plan, and implement systems of accountability to ensure progress and sustainable change.

It IS 100% possible to skill-up leaders and employees to create greater equity and inclusion.

This summer 2018, I’ve designed an expert series of webinars and Virtual Institutes to provide your organization with critical training resources to support your efforts to increase the capacity of all leaders and staff to infuse issues of diversity, equity and inclusion into their daily practices and activities.

Because of the critical need for change right NOW, I’ve built this summer series around the tools and activities that I have found to be especially effective to provide participants many of the foundational concepts and skills that are vital to creating inclusive organizations.

To help you successfully train others to infuse equity and inclusion in their work responsibilities, I’ll discuss activities and approaches to help your workshop participants:

  • Identify the full breadth of differences among staff and clients.
  • Deepen their capacity to engage in authentic, meaningful dialogue with colleagues about and across differences.
  • Explore how the dynamics of privilege and marginalization undermine organizational goals and productivity.
  • Recognize & interrupt common microaggressions and unproductive dynamics that occur in meetings, trainings, and classrooms.
  • Practice skills to analyze current policies, programs, practices and services with an Inclusion Lens and shift them to be more equitable and inclusive.

To deepen your capacity as a trainer, I’ll share tools and strategies to:

  • Design foundational workshops and trainings on diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.
  • Facilitate effective dialogue and shift participant resistance into teachable moments.
  • Enhance the transfer of learning by teaching skills at all 3 crucial levels: Individual, Group and Organizational.

Foundational Equity and Inclusion Training for business | Diversity | Inclusion | Equity and InclusionThe first event in this series kicks off Thursday, June 7th, with a 75-minute FREE webinar, Foundational Equity & Inclusion Trainings, Part 1. To register, just click right here! Don’t forget to share this FREE resource with your colleagues so that they too can benefit.

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