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Foundational Equity & Inclusion Trainings, Part 1

In the 1st of this 2-part series, I’ll share some of my favorite training activities and design strategies that leave participants feeling more motivated, energized and capable to do their part to create greater equity and inclusion in their daily activities.

Your organization needs proven tools and common sense strategies to effectively teach about issues of equity, inclusion, and social justice.

I’ll show you how to make it happen. It’s easier than you think.

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Foundational Equity & Inclusion Trainings, Part 1

“Dr. Obear is a phenomenal presence both in person and online. Her seminars/webinars are engaging and relevant to people across all levels of the university hierarchy. I look forward to working with her in the future and encourage everyone with a passion for social justice education to reach out!”

– Brice Mickey, Program Coordinator, University of Cincinnati

Struggling to maintain your current pace? Make this your most productive, engaging season yet by gaining the tools you need to develop strategic, intentional, comprehensive training programs that:

  • Deepen the capacity and competence of all leaders and employees.
  • Support and accelerate the professional and personal success of the full range of those you serve.
  • Ultimately, create more inclusive, equitable, socially just organizations.

We’re not where we need to be.

If that’s become a familiar statement at your organization, let’s change that. The resources in this webinar will support your efforts to infuse issues of diversity, equity and inclusion into daily practices using training as the intervention.

You need effective strategies. I have them. Get instant access to my FREE webinar,
Foundational Equity & Inclusion Trainings, Part 1.

Gather together your colleagues and let me show you:

  • Strategies to deepen capacity to design and facilitate foundational workshops and trainings on diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.
  • How to enhance the success of learning outcomes by teaching skills to create change at all 3 crucial levels: Individual, Group and Organizational.
  • Proven experiential learning activities that motivate participants to change their behaviors in the workplace.

You know you need to infuse equity and inclusion into every level of your organization. But knowing and even being willing to accomplish it is not enough. You MUST take action.

Using training as a culture change intervention can become one of your organization’s most effective strategies.

“Doing work around inclusion and equity is hard. Dr. Obear uses humor and story telling to help people to understand. Everyone comes into professional development at different levels and she does an excellent job at not shaming or blaming but trying to help others have self-awareness and an appreciation for others.”

– Deanne W. Hurley
VP for Enrollment Management + Student Affairs, Ursuline College

If there’s a disconnect between diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and what’s actually happening at your organization, change IS 100% possible.

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Across the nation, most leaders agree that there is a renewed energy, commitment, even a sense of urgency, to live up to the promises as set forth in their mission statements and strategic plans.


I’m giving you the resources you need to support your efforts to infuse issues of DEI into daily practices through the successful design and implementation of learning activities.

Wondering who would benefit from attending?

    • Members of Diversity Councils
    • Executive Leaders
    • Change Agents
    • Current Trainers and Facilitators
    • HR Practitioners

In Part 1 of this 2-part webinar series, Foundational Equity & Inclusion Trainings, I’ll discuss effective strategies and useful tools to help your organization design and facilitate learning activities.

FREE Webinar

75-Minutes with Dr Kathy Obear

Meaningful, lasting, systemic change IS possible. And it starts right here. Don’t forget to bring your colleagues along so they can benefit from this webinar, too!