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Just what is a change agent? Are you one?

What is a change agent, exactly?

I hear this question a lot.

Too often, people believe that you have to be a senior leader or someone with some advanced or specialized level of training to be a change agent. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and I want to help dispel that myth right here.

Defining a Change Agent

To help you understand the definition of what a change agent is, I find it helpful to explain it in the context of a few key questions:

  1. Do people regularly come to you for advice, counseling and/or coaching? You can be a change agent.
  2. Are you concerned or frustrated with the current organizational dynamics? Do you want to make a positive difference in your organization and beyond? You can be a change agent.
  3. Are you in any type of leadership role responsible for productivity, innovation, team effectiveness, and/or supervision? Then you already are and could be even MORE of a change agent.

A lot of people assume my ability to create change and stimulate growth is a natural talent or a God-given gift. I’ve spent decades cultivating an entire skillset and ways of being to help me be as effective as possible in my role as a social justice change agent.

In truth, I chose this path. You too, can choose to walk the path of a change agent.

A Change Agent…

A social justice change agent chooses courage over fear.

They know they can’t look around, hoping someone else will lead the change.

They refuse to stand by and watch as the people they cherish are excluded and even harmed.

They raise issues. They motivate. They stand up and stand out.

They speak their truth to power to create greater inclusion and equity in the workplace and beyond.

They ask questions to help the organization live up to its stated mission, vision and values.

They challenge everyone – including themselves – to do more and to be more.

Do you have what it takes to be a change agent?

Will you choose courage over fear? I hope so.

Why? Because we need millions more people like you to step out, speak up, get off of the sidelines and get into the game. Our world needs more bad-ass social justice change agents – perhaps more now than ever before.

Choose courage – and choose to be a part of making your organization – and the world – a better place. We owe it to ourselves and to our future generations.

Make the choice to be a change agent today.

No matter if you’re brand new to the world of change agents or a seasoned vet, I can tell you one truth:

You cannot neglect self-care. EVER.

Learn my best tips, tools, and secret strategies for staying on top of your game (while maintaining your effectiveness as a bad-ass change agent) with a free copy of my new book, In It for the LONG HAUL: Overcoming Burnout and Passion Fatigue as Social Justice Change Agents. Download it right here.


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