My intention is to facilitate a supportive conversation about the dilemmas we experience during triggering events. Please share your thoughts, situations, and questions, and I will share my reflections to spark a community dialogue.


  • Marjorie Trueblood

    Hello Dr. Obear,
    I don’t have a dilemma, but wanted to check in to see if it were ok to share your resources with some of our community partners?

  • Deb Majewski

    Hi Kathy,

    I am interested in speaking with you to discuss the potential for some workshops for faculty and staff on the UMass Dartmouth Campus. Please let me know your availability for a conversation. Thank you, Deb Majewski. Associate Vice Chancellor, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Jeanne Vural

    Thank you for your presentation today.

    I am a Salem State Employee. I asked the question about How to handle resistance. You mentioned Dr. ? Frost?
    who speaks to Resistance as Energy.

    Can you send me this Dr’s name as I am interested in energy topics?

    Thank you.

    Jeanne Vural

  • Caitlin

    Dear Kathy,
    My name is Caitlin Bailey and I’m a graduate student at Tufts University. I’m contacting you because I’m hoping to find a copy of the the Colorado State University Wellness Lifestyle Profile, which I saw you listed as an author on. The Colorado State University Wellness Lifestyle Profile was used to help inform construction of a research survey administered to undergraduate students at Tufts University in 2007. I’m trying to figure out how many of the survey questions were informed by the Colorado State University Wellness Lifestyle Profile. Would you be able to help me locate a copy of that survey? Or would you know someone else that I might reach out to about this? I thank you for your time, in advance!

  • Miles

    Hello Kathy, I attended your NCORE workshop “But I’m not racist” and signed up for the text/email thing but did not receive an email. I would really like to go over the handouts you provided to some at the conference and share my learnings with my coworkers. Thank you

  • Karen Ziech

    I attended the webinar last week, Navigating Difficult Situations, but I had to leave before it ended and did not get the link to the recording. Could you please send it to me so I can view the last 15 min and review the whole presentation.


  • Penny Cowden

    My CEO is uncommunicative and inconsistent. He accuses me of not participating in meetings, not going to meetings, not using my skills to help the organization, etc. About every third meeting, he gets angry and sometimes becomes verbally abusive. If I try to talk with him about the accusations (I can prove they are not true) he gets really angry. If I keep quiet he gets angry. The long and short of it is that it seems like I can’t do anything right with him.

    Any tips on how to manage this volatility would be most appreciated.

  • Kathy Obear

    Penny, I am so sorry to hear about these patterns of unacceptable behavior Have you talked with anyone in HR? In a confidential conversation? They may have some good ideas for moving forward. And they may have heard of similar dynamics form other employees as well. If not HR, then you may want to explore a local/regional organization that provides confidential spaces to explore next steps. Sometimes, our only option is to believe we deserve to be treated fairly and go somewhere we will be valued. All the best, Kathy

  • Kathy Obear

    Just got this message, so sorry! It is Dr. Delyte Frost. Not sure she pas published her work. Dr. Jamie Washington does similar workshops grounded in her material plus his won work.

    All the best, Kathy

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