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Kathy Obear, E.D.D.
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This is YOUR Year of Transformation

An Intensive, Accelerated Certification Program

Join Me in My Most Powerful Coaching and Mentoring Development Program to Advance Your Growth and Leadership Potential!

We’ll work together to develop the skills and competencies you need to ignite greater change and transformation. Whether you want to expand your capacity as a leader, change agent, speaker, consultant, trainer, and/or coach, I am here to guide you along the way to achieve your goals.

Tell me if you can relate:

I sometimes feel like I’ve hit a wall.


Trying to create change and transform my organization can be exhausting.


…and some days the resistance I face feels like it’s too much to manage on my own.


I’m fighting alone – pushing for change, yearning for a cadre of colleagues who work together for real transformation.


I’ve tried just about everything I know how to do, but I’m not getting the results I want. New approaches and strategies? Yes, please!


I know I could do so much more if I only had more resources, more support, and more answers to my questions.


I’d love to join a community of other passionate, brilliant social justice change agents who are committed to supporting each other’s growth and success!

In this 12-month Certification Program, you will deepen your capacity to:

  • Resolve difficult conversations and complex situations
  • Mobilize people at all levels to create inclusive, socially just organizations
  • Design and facilitate powerful training and coaching sessions
  • Effectively navigate your own triggered emotions and show up more effectively
  • Infuse radical self-care and community care practices into your life to restore and rejuvenate yourself

Are you looking to:

Build a more robust training and consulting business?


Gain more tools and strategies to accelerate change at your organization?


Learn proven strategies to engage resistance and close the gap between what your organization says it is and what’s actually going on?


Deepen your skills and capacity to design & facilitate powerful equity & inclusion trainings?

I will work with you personally and lead you throughout the year to help you achieve your most important goals. Is this YOUR year? You bet it is!

I am committed to creating a community of leaders to learn with me as they choose courage to step up and create the world they envision. Will you join us?

Choose from three convenient payment options for this Program:

Paid in full = $12000

3 payments of $4350

12 payments of $1200

I gained incredible skills which helped me find the courage to be more transparent during conflicts and surface issues that lead to constructive conversations rather than dancing around difficult topics.

Deb Coffin, Senior Executive

Imagine… Unleashing the powerful leader you are meant to be

  • Move into your own power and claim your calling
  • Show up as a magnificent leader, trainer, and healer
  • Navigate and resolve difficult, complex situations
  • Harness the courage to speak up and influence change
  • Learn how to listen and work with people whose values and priorities make your own heart scream
  • No longer stay silent and hide in plain sight during meetings and open forums
  • Step into the leadership role you know in your heart you need to take on
  • Infuse radical self-care practices into your life to restore and rejuvenate yourself so you can create the next level of transformation and healing in the world

Imagine… Designing and facilitating exceptional trainings that create measurable transformation

  • Learn and expand upon advanced, innovative design and facilitation tools
  • Master the skills to gracefully facilitate difficult dialogues
  • Effectively navigate your own triggered emotions and show up more effectively
  • Move members of privileged groups from denial to inspired actions
  • Support members of marginalized groups in their healing and empowerment

Imagine… Leading strategic, sustainable organizational change

  • Utilize tools and strategies to mobilize people at all levels to create inclusive, socially just organizations
  • Implement change management strategies that increase buy-in and maximize meaningful results
  • Engage and transform resistance into productive energy and innovative ideas

Imagine… Expanding your influence and legacy in the world

  • Create or expand your training, consulting, coaching, and/or speaking business
  • Learn more tools for transformational coaching and consulting
  • Revolutionize how you create change with members of privileged groups

In this 12-month Certificate Program, you will apply all of these tools and concepts to your own life and experience amazing growth you can’t even imagine now!

Just some of the benefits you’ll experience:

Goal-setting Session2+ hour Goal-Setting Session – Together, we identify your specific goals and intentions for this program and tailor a plan to manifest them.

Individualized CoachingIndividualized Coaching – Each participant can schedule up to 12 individual coaching calls with me over the 12-months of the program.

Mentoring CallsGroup Mentoring Calls – We meet via Zoom to discuss and problem-solve your specific questions and issues. I will provide 1-1 coaching on these calls as you will benefit from group discussions as you gather insights, ideas, and support from other members of the Program.

Private Facebook Group Private Facebook Group – This secret, confidential Facebook group is just for members of the Certification Program. I will personally reply to all your questions and comments as you can gain new ideas, suggestions, different perspectives, and support from your colleagues in the program as well.

Live Facilitation Exposure – You can observe and learn from me “in action” as I train and facilitate workshops and institutes at conferences and client organizations.

You will have access to ALL of my books, recordings of previous online courses, training materials, and other educational resources, including my 6-video course and Workbook, “Navigating Difficult Situations in the Workplace.”

Free tickets to all of my live webinars and virtual courses as well as an “insider’s view” of how I create and implement virtual learning events. This includes:

• ‘Hot Topic’ Webinars
• Q&A sessions
• 3-Hour Virtual Institutes
• Access to my 12 week Master Class for the entire year

Plus, my robust library of resources is yours to refer to – you’ll find it to be an invaluable tool as you train and coach others in your organization. A win-win!

Kathy’s sessions are engaging, interactive and nonthreatening. She creates a brave space where people can engage honestly and learn from each other’ stories and experiences.

Susie Mahoney, Ed.D., Midlevel Manager

Choose from three easy payment options for this Program:

Paid in full = $12000

3 payments of $4350

12 payments of $1200

It is imperative that leaders and staff demonstrate the capacity and competence to create inclusive environments that support the success of the full breadth of members in their organizations and effectively meet the needs of the increasingly diverse populations they serve.
– Dr. Kathy Obear