Self-Care and Healing for Change Agents: Renewing, Rejuvenating, and Recommitting

Feeling exhausted, burned out? Still deeply committed to creating greater equity, inclusion and social justice, yet finding yourself at times too weary or overwhelmed to make meaningful change? We all deserve spaces to heal, refuel, and re-commit to our vision and goals. In this highly engaging, supportive session participants will explore the roots of their stress and burnout and explore practical ways to rejuvenate, re-energize, and retool themselves as powerful change agents as they recommit to create truly inclusive organizations and environments for all.

Session Goals:

  1. Recognize the depth and breadth of our need for greater self-care and healing as change agents.
  2. Understand the critical need to focus on self-care in order to be of service as leaders in our organizations and in society.
  3. Explore proven approaches and tools for self-care.
  4. Commit to a personal action plan for renewal and rejuvenation.

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