Kathy will customize her consulting and training services to meet the unique needs and context of your organization. She has provided a wide range of consulting services to develop inclusive organizations through the following activities:

  • Leadership development
  • Organizational assessment
  • Developing Inclusive Change Teams
  • Cross-division collaboration
  • Team development
  • Strategic planning
  • Professional development plans
  • Recruiting and hiring practices

1. Creating Inclusive Work Environments

Creating inclusive work environments is critical to the success of every organization in today’s increasingly diverse, multicultural environment. We consult with leaders and members of Inclusion Change Teams to assess the current climate and organizational culture and develop effective change strategies to create greater inclusion for the full breadth of staff, clients, and community members.

2. Effective Leadership

Through consultation and executive coaching we help leaders, managers and supervisors enhance their competencies and skills to create inclusive work environments where all staff and employees feel safe, respected, and able to contribute to their full potential. The goal is to increase employee engagement and retention through more effective communication, motivation, supervision and performance accountability.

3. Team Building

We design consultation and training interventions to help develop high-performing teams. Work groups report improvements in employee engagement, productivity, decision-making, conflict management, communication, group dynamics, and valuing diversity.

4. Conflict Resolution

We work with individuals, teams, and departments to resolve interpersonal and organizational conflicts. We help employees assess their core issues and group dynamics, facilitate more effective dialogue and understanding, and identify practical solutions and strategies for change.

5. Change Management

It is critical that all members of an organization have the preparation and competencies to embrace organizational change. We help leaders and managers design and implement collaborative and inclusive change processes, including visioning, assessing the current organizational culture, and identifying and implementing change strategies.