Navigating Difficult Situations
in the Workplace

How to Control Your Reactions
and Respond Effectively

Video Course

developed by Dr. Kathy Obear

You CAN take more control of your reactions
and learn proven tools to interrupt
and resolve difficult, unproductive situations!

After successfully completing this video course,
participants will have a deeper capacity to:

Shift toxic workplace situations

Create greater productivity, retention, and creativity

De-escalate unproductive conflict and foster greater teamwork

Respond effectively in difficult situations

My clients have developed greater confidence and courage
to speak their truth during unproductive conflicts and
create greater effectiveness and more inclusion in the workplace.

In addition, after completing this course
participants will have far greater clarity about:

The types of difficult situations that are challenging for them

Why they feel triggered in some situations and not others

Why they react in less productive ways

How to Minimize feeling triggered in the future

How to Focus on their self care and healing work

How to Apply these tools and approaches in every area of their lives

Want to Learn More?

Core features of this video program include:

6 new videos for self-paced learning

100+ page Workbook of practical activities and tools

A printed copy of my latest book, Turn the Tide: Rise Above Toxic, Difficult Situations in the Workplace

Live individual and group coaching sessions with Dr. Obear scheduled strategically throughout the course to support the transfer of learning to daily life

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