Self-Care Must Be Part of Every Change Agent’s Personal Agenda

You matter.

Put aside all the raucous, harsh bickering you hear. Tune out all the hate, the fear, the prejudices…just for a minute.

Listen to me. You matter.

There is no other like you in the world. You’re unique.

You’re a change agent, dedicated to pursuing greater equity and inclusion. But if you burn out, you won’t be of use to anyone.

You’ve got to take care of yourself.  Physically.  Emotionally.  Spiritually.

I can help. On January 5th, I’m excited to announce the launch of my intense, info-packed course, In It for The Long Haul: Overcoming Burnout and Passion Fatigue as Social Justice Change Agents.

You’ll get all the strategies you need to reignite your spark for the incredible work you do – and stay on top of self-care permanently. If you’re in this for the LONG haul, this course is essential to stay on top of your game.

I’m in it for the LONG Haul. Sign me up now.  

No Fluff No Bluff: Self-Care for Change Agents is No Joke

Those that know me are fully aware that I speak the truth.  There’s no beating around the bush, no fluff talk.

There’s no time for wasted words. So, when I tell you that YOU MATTER, I mean it.  You’re needed to fight for inclusion, to fight for change, to speak for those that can’t speak up for themselves.

In caring so deeply for others, we CANNOT forget to take care of ourselves.  We must practice self-care. We must have our own self-care agenda, where we ground ourselves, re-energize and re-vitalize ourselves for the task at hand.

Self-Care = Giving to Yourself, FOR Yourself

As change agents, we give of ourselves to others. “Social justice and human rights activists are especially susceptible to burnout because they put pressure on themselves to have a significant impact on the world around them,” note Chen and Gorski in Burnout in Social Justice and Human Rights Activists: Symptoms, Causes and Implications.

We must also remember to give to ourselves – for ourselves. When I’m spiritually grounded, emotionally present, and physically healthy, my work flows with greater ease. I call it my three-legged stool of sustainability in social change work.

I’m so passionate about the course I developed, In It for the LONG Haul, because it’s a way for me to share all I’ve learned about self-care and overcoming burnout – so you don’t have to struggle like I once did. Learn more about this course (and sign up if you’re ready) just for change agents here.  

Simple Self-Care Strategies to Help You Overcome Burnout

  1. Create better balance in your physical health by shifting how you eat, drink, sleep, exercise, and play. You can rejuvenate yourself rapidly, and boost your energy and stamina.
  2. Practice awareness. Know your triggers. Have you noticed how much less effective you are when you come from a place of ego – of resentment or fear – versus when you feel grounded and centered?
  3. Have the courage to say no. Brené Brown makes sure everything she does is in alignment with what she believes. No one can really do all and be all, and that’s why setting boundaries is key.
  4. Assess your values. When I ground myself in my faith and show up in ways that are consistent with my values, I am far more useful in the work I do. Be true to who you are.
  5. Find your power in vulnerability. I get that you’re bad-ass. But you’re also human. And it’s ok to ask for help, to take some downtime…to make time for YOU. That’s what self-care is all about!Dr Kathy Obear | Chagne Agent | Organizational and Social Change

When I am grounded, I come from a space of respect, passion, compassion, empathy, and authenticity, better able to relate to the people I am engaging. This makes me more likely to build relationships and deepen understanding, two key criteria for creating and sustaining my work as a social justice change agent.

Stress and Burnout May Be Telling You Something

Stress can be frightening. It can make you feel defenseless. It can knock you right off your game.  But instead of feeling overwhelmed by your stress, learn from it.

Brown aptly states: “Stress is a healthy adaptive response to our body’s reaction – if we are trying to intervene at the wrong place. Is stress coming from an out of control life? Versus asking how to make my life more manageable…”

We can make our lives as change agents more manageable by taking one major step:  Self-care.

Be good to yourself.  Take time to do what you love.  Enjoy the silence.  NEVER, EVER NEGLECT SELF CARE.

And as you learn to take better care of yourself, life as a change agent in a volatile world becomes a little more manageable. A little 😉

Make a resolution to invest in your future for 2018. No, I’m not talking about those 10 extra pounds you want to lose or that low-carb diet you’re planning to go on. I mean a real investment – in yourself and in the work you do as a change agent:

Click right here to sign up for In It for The Long Haul: Overcoming Burnout and Passion Fatigue as Social Justice Change Agents. Because if I know you, you ARE in it for the LONG Haul.

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