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Can You Recognize Your Own Racist Beliefs?

Change Starts With Recognizing Your Own Racism

Ever heard of the Harvard Implicit Bias Test?

Years ago, a colleague urged me to take the test.  When the results indicated I had negative prejudices towards African Americans, my ego roared out NO WAY!  Me? So I did what most people would do:  I critiqued the methodology of the test. There was something wrong with the test – certainly NOT ME.

Truth is, we all need to get real with ourselves, to stop making excuses or casting blame.

So often we put ourselves up on a pedestal, linking racism to an outdated image of a Confederate-flag-flying, gun-toting KKK member. The inner dialogue goes something like: Surely I’m not that person, so I’m not racist.

Sound familiar? I wonder how many white people are like I was, always looking for ways to deny the reality of our racist beliefs…

I urge you to take the test:  Recognizing your racism is the first step towards dismantling it.

In my free, 1 hour webinar happening 2/1, Interrupting Racism: Our Role and Responsibility as White Allies, you’ll discover other racial biases that are often justified and considered the ‘norm.’

I’m ready to be a force for positive change. Reserve my spot.

6 Common Racist Behaviors and Attitudes of Many Whites

  1. I want people of color to “get over it” and move on quickly.
  2. I resent taking direction from a person of color.
  3. I believe that people of color are not competent and are only hired/promoted to fill quotas.
  4. I interrupt and talk over people of color.
  5. I believe there is one “right” way (my way) or the “white way”.
  6. I want people of color to conform and assimilate to white cultural norms and practices.

How many of those statements did you agree with?

In my free, 1 hour webinar on 2/1, Interrupting Racism: Our Role and Responsibility as White Allies, you’ll learn about other behaviors and attitudes that are hindering progress in yourself and at your organization – and how you can interrupt those racist beliefs.

We need to stop making excuses for ourselves and face who we really are on the inside – and not what we choose to show others.

No more excuses. It’s time to make a change. Sign me up.

Numbed Out By the Novocain of White Privilege

We learn a one-sided view of history, taught that whites were superior, freed slaves and built a country to ensure liberty, justice, peace and prosperity for all.

Then we learn the truth: white people intentionally committed genocide and slaughtered people of color while creating racist systems to guarantee whites access to power and privilege.

Few whites ever learn the devastating impact of racism in school or from the media.  We remain comfortable, complacent and content in our ignorance – and are oblivious as to why people of color demand more meaningful change.

We are numbed by our white privilege.

When the “Novocain” wears off, we get glimpses of the harm whites have caused through racism – as well as the unearned privileges we receive at the expense and exploitation of people of color.

What’s In It For Me?

That’s the question a lot of whites wonder, whether they express it verbally or not. So, what is in it for you to interrupt racism? Relief from the pain and shame of our racist actions of the past.

Our survival depends on our collective ability to shatter racism and reclaim our humanity. By refusing to perpetuate racism, we deepen our capacity to foster meaningful – and authentic – relationships with people of color and other whites.

By dismantling racism, more inclusive organizations can be created that support the success of all members – and create products and services that benefit every person’s welfare.

It is then we regain a sense of pride in our work and in ourselves.   We can be a role model for others – and support them on their journey to wholeness as they UNLEARN racist beliefs.

In my free 1 hour webinar, Interrupting Racism: Our Role and Responsibility as White Allies, you’ll get direction, support and a strong foundation to break down and extinguish racism.

Count me in. I’ll be there February 1st.

You have nothing to lose (except maybe some of your own limiting beliefs) and everything to gain as you work to become a more effective change agent for racial justice.



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