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Do you really believe change is possible for our world?

Do you want your workplace, community or the whole country to be different? Maybe it feels overwhelming – impossible, even – and you’re at a loss for what to do next.

I hear you. And I’m here to tell you I believe that yes – change is still 100% possible – no matter how things may look within the greater context of our current political climate.

My Vision of Transformation & Change

A lot of folks say they want change. Some may want transformation and change to create a world grounded in the values of the 1940s and 50s – or even earlier.

Others perhaps have a vision where only their families, friends and colleagues are in control of vast resources, maybe even enjoying a life filled with luxury.

That’s not my vision. I want to see a world where equity, fairness, inclusion and social justice are realities for ALL – not a select few.

I’m not naïve – I see the same things you do when I scroll through social media or turn on the TV after work. I know how frustrating it’s been to watch the rights we’ve crusaded decades for systematically peeled away.

Our History Proves Change is Possible

Here’s what I also know: we can examine our history to forge a path forward – after all, we’re in this for the LONG haul, right?

Our history shows us that change is absolutely possible. Most of us can say that we’ve seen (and maybe even directly experienced) change in our lifetime already.

When I reflect on change and transformation from a historical perspective, just some of the things I think of:

Look at how far we’ve come. I know what you’re thinking … but we have a lot farther to go!!!!!!

Yes, you’re exactly right – we do still have a LONG haul in front of us. This is especially true now, given the recent political context with the rollbacks of so many laws and practices we worked hard to achieve.

Looking Back, Forging Ahead…Together

The real truth? No single one of us knows all that we need to know. We’re in this together.

We can come together as a community of activists and change agents, learners and teachers to deepen our collective capacity to create the meaningful transformation and change our world so urgently needs.

This is about each and every one of us. We owe it to our children and to our grandchildren – and to every person who will come after us – to facilitate deep, sustainable change. We’ve come too far to sit on the sidelines and hope that someone else will eventually lead change. We must turn the tide.

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