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Are you up for a leadership challenge in 2018?

If you’re like me, you’re looking at the calendar right now in total disbelief that 2018 is right around the corner. My question for you:  As a leader, what do you want to be different in the New Year?

You might answer that you want to change your blueprint for being an effective leader. Perhaps your actions in the past patched up discontent – for a while. But to your dismay, you may be seeing the same old contentious situations repeat themselves.

For 2018, what you really want is to ‘fix’ those toxic workplace situations for good. And you’re not looking for a ‘quick fix’ (because you know those never work anyway)…

If you can relate, my upcoming course that launches Jan 5th, Courageous Leadership: Tools to Manage Difficult Situations and Challenging Conversations, is for you. This intense 6-week virtual course will teach you everything you need to confidently help others rise above challenging, unproductive situations in the workplace…and beyond.

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Change Doesn’t Happen in the Blink of an Eye

Changing how you react as a leader to stressful and explosive workplace situations isn’t something you figure out in five minutes.

You just don’t tell everyone to ‘calm down’ and send them back to their corner, like a referee in a boxing match. The conflict resurfaces when tensions rise to the boiling point – and the same old fight plays out.

I used to think I could give a handout or a book to employees to read and that would be enough. For some people, that type of passive learning works.

But for others? No way. They need one-on-one mentoring.

In this current environment, you need every tool possible to expand your abilities as a courageous leader. My Courageous Leadership course can transform your ability as an effective leader to manage conflict in the workplace effectively and bring about the positive change your organization needs. (Psst…don’t delay – this course starts soon, on Jan 5th!)

Leaders, Tired of the Same Old Record That Keeps Playing?

People often react on automatic pilot.  They respond instantly. Working relationships deteriorate. Employees are shouting “you said this!” or “you did this to me!”  Can you relate?

And you say to yourself the same thing you said last New Year: “I want this year to be different.”

But without a concrete plan – without an entire toolkit of resources – will anything really change?

I’ve created this course for people who are natural-born leaders:

  • Others often come to them for advice
  • For someone to listen to their concerns
  • To gain wisdom and expertise…
  • …to give them the answers they so desperately need

Toxic workplace situations take an enormous toll, costing your organization big time:

  • Productivity hits the skids
  • Talented people are lost
  • Relationships are eroded by continual tension

Employees can’t thrive in a toxic workplace environment.

But imagine when people come to you because you have an expanded tool kit with concepts and resources you can share – and that are readily understandable…wouldn’t it feel good to know you can confidently offer practical solutions that actually work instead of simply listening to the same old record playing over and over?

Burst into 2018 with a bad ass course to help you drive real, lasting positive change at your organization: Sign up today for my Courageous Leadership course rolling out Jan 5th.

The Cause Isn’t What You Think

What other people do and say doesn’t cause our emotions. We react to what people do.

I help people realize it’s their own internal thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that fuel their emotions and reactions.  We waste so much time, energy and resources trying to rebuild relationships because someone reacted unconsciously – on autopilot – and didn’t have the tools in that difficult moment to navigate that situation.

What happens when you’re triggered? 

  • You move into stress mode: fight, flight, freeze.
  • I’ve added flounder and flustered, too.
  • We react in ways we later regret.
  • Bottom line: it undermines effective teamwork and diminishes productivity.

Those who have taken my course come away with a valuable toolkit, to help transform those situations they’ve longed to address.  They learn to recognize the triggers and de-escalate their emotions in the moment.

Yes, YOU Can Amp Up Your Game as a Courageous Leader

Isn’t that a great goal for 2018?  Having the ability to recognize triggers in yourself and others – and having the tools to diffuse the situations?

It took me years to learn these tools. I used to have two speeds: flight – get me out of here – or freeze – I don’t know what to do. I thought I learned progress when I learned fight.  Yeah, right. That only undermined relationships – and caused people not to want to work with me. Can you relate?

YOU can navigate your own emotions.  You can relate to being in meetings, where domineering people talk over you. They debate, leave – and never resolve issues.

I assisted a client over several sessions – she developed confidence, found her voice AND she learned not to engage in the debate. The change in her was so noticeable – others wanted to learn as well.

That’s my vision – you learn – and then you inspire others into positive action, too.

This course will expand your skillset to look at dysfunctional team dynamics and help them realize how to shift those dynamics and release creativity, create more inclusive environments, and foster teamwork and greater growth.

And that’s a great way to begin 2018. Are you on board with that?

Start 2018 right with real tools to help transform toxic workplace situations with my Courageous Leadership course. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – not only will you gain an entire repertoire of skills to help you navigate difficult circumstances, but you’ll be able to teach others to do the same.

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