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Professional Development Program

Create Greater Inclusion Throughout Your Organization!

with Dr. Kathy Obear

Author | Coach | Speaker | Mentor

Expedite the capacity of staff and faculty to accelerate student success, employee retention and performance with my brand new, innovative Comprehensive Professional Development Program.

Can you relate?

  • Are you scrambling with shrinking resources to send people to conferences to bring back the tools and skills they need to serve your increasingly diverse student, staff, and faculty populations on campus?

  • Do you find your occasional, scattershot diversity trainings are not getting the results you need – and it’s become more challenging to motivate and inspire employees to infuse equity and inclusion into everything they do?

  • Do you lack the internal resources to offer meaningful professional development sessions – or have trouble finding affordable consultants to provide consistent, high quality workshops and team-building?

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Your Goal:

Put enterprise-wide equity & inclusion change efforts on the fast-track with a comprehensive intervention program to accelerate progress towards organizational goals.

Core benefits to campuses that take full advantage of this Program:


Significantly strengthen the capacity of a wider range of leaders and employees to create inclusive campus environments – without ever leaving campus.


Gain access to a comprehensive, intentional curriculum full of practical tools and skills to increase the cultural responsiveness of employees at every level of the organization.


Develop the internal capacity necessary to lead and implement meaningful change throughout your organization.

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What you get:

Executive/Senior leadership consulting and strategy sessions: Plan how to make the most of this Program and create the necessary accountability structures to ensure meaningful, sustainable change. (6 virtual sessions with Kathy)

Virtual Institutes facilitated by Kathy: Invite an unlimited number of participants to these 2-3 hour, interactive live Institutes – or use the recordings to provide high quality training to employees. (10 Institutes to use throughout the year)

Intensive Team Development for senior leaders: Invite up to 6 senior leaders to work with Kathy in Virtual Team Building sessions to deepen their capacity to effectively navigate difficult, triggering situations they encounter.

One seat for an organizational change agent in Kathy’s Year-Long Mentoring Program for Transformational Leaders: Substantially deepen their capacity to advance the long-term equity and inclusion efforts and goals of the organization.

30 seats in Kathy’s new Master Class for Inclusion Practitioners, a 12-week intensive, virtual course to deepen the capacity of high performing employees to partner with leaders to create greater inclusion at the department level.

A few key components of Kathy’s Professional Development program can be seen this TEDx (like) talk on navigating difficult situations in the workplace.

What Others Have to Say...

Megan Kosovski

Academic Advisor
Colorado State University

“Dr. Obear’s energy and passion have helped me to feel a renewed sense of purpose, self-worth, and energy.”

Susie Mahoney, Ed.D.

Midlevel Manager

“Kathy’s sessions are engaging, interactive and nonthreatening. She creates a brave space where people can honestly engage and learn from each other’ stories and experiences.”

Diane J. Goodman, Ed. D.

Diversity Trainer and Consultant

“With compassion, clarity, and wisdom, Kathy Obear offers page after page of helpful insights and strategies for navigating difficult interpersonal situations.”

Deb Coffin

Senior Executive

“I gained incredible skills which helped me find the courage to be more transparent during conflicts and surface issues that lead to constructive conversations.”

In addition to the above, you’ll also receive the following benefits:

  • Kathy will come to your campus for 1.5 days to lead orientation/on-boarding sessions with key leaders and participants in the various Professional Development programs and facilitate an in-person .5 day training session for members of your organization.

  • Your campus will be promoted by Kathy (if desired) as one of the exclusive organizations participating in this new Professional Development Program – to increase your reputation as an inclusive organization and a great place to work!

  • You will have priority booking of Kathy’s calendar for any additional trainings or leadership consultation sessions.

  • Your campus will have first priority to host her future in-person, Drive-In Institutes + receive 10+ free seats in each Institute.

  • Upon successful completion of the Professional Development Program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion to use in marketing and recruiting activities.

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