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Kathy Obear , E.D.D.
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Recognizing and Interrupting Racism in Your Organization

Learn proven strategies and tools to mobilize whites to identify and shift racist behaviors and practices in your organization.  

The bad news, you missed the live event…
The good news, we recorded it for you!

Click Here to download your Interrupting Racism Worksheets – we will be discussing this material during the webinar.

Click Here to download your free copy of my book …But I’m Not Racist! Tools for Well-Meaning Whites

Just some of the topics we cover in the webinar:

Identify racist dynamics in daily activities (intended & unintended)

Recognize the impact of racist dynamics on individual and organizational goals

Choose courage and speak up to interrupt racist dynamics

Use proven tools to create greater racial justice in your organization

BONUS: Complimentary copies of all three of my books!

BONUS: Complimentary supporting materials, plus teaching and talking aids to continue the learning

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