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Kathy Obear , E.D.D.
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Let's Talk Truth About Racism...
And How To Effectively Interrupt It!

Learn proven strategies and tools to mobilize whites to identify and shift racist behaviors and practices in your organization.

Tell me if you relate to any of these situations:

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Recognizing and Interrupting Racism in Your Organization

Tell me if you relate to any of these situations:

  • Heard a co-worker or supervisor make statements suggesting that a person of color was hired only “to meet a quota”?
  • Wondered how to respond when someone mentions they believe a colleague of color is “playing the race card” and needs to “get over it”?
  • Observed more subtle comments suggesting a colleague of color is just “overreacting” or “too sensitive”?
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Knowledge Base Video- Whites discount or devalue my work, how do I continue to work and not take on the burden of educating them?

If you’re like many change agents going through these troublesome times (and that’s putting it mildly), you’re questioning everything!

Maybe your own intentions have even been less than productive? Maybe you’ve:

  • Wanted to assert your power, privilege and authority at any cost
  • Tried to fit in, be liked, and/or be seen as an ally or the “good” one
  • Used sneaky tactics to embarrass, intimidate, and/or to prove your point
  • Done anything to avoid feeling (or being seen as) incompetent
  • Worked to keep difficult situations/challenging conversations “under control”

“I gained incredible skills which helped me find the courage to be more transparent during conflicts and surface issues that lead to constructive conversations rather than dancing around difficult topics.”
– Deb Coffin, Senior Executive

Many strategies you need to identify and interrupt racism, in one place.

FREE Webinar

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How much longer will you keep quiet or continue to be ineffective against racism?

   Topics I’ll Cover In This Webinar Include How To:

    • Identify racist dynamics in daily activities (intended & unintended)
    • Recognize the impact of racist dynamics on individual and organizational goals
    • Choose courage and speak up to interrupt racist dynamics
    • Use proven tools to create greater racial justice in your organization
    • BONUS: Complimentary copies of all three of my books!
    • BONUS: Complimentary supporting materials, plus teaching and talking aids to continue the learning

Knowledge Base Video- Helping organization leaders manage the emotional stuff when dealing with change

Knowledge Base Video – Focus on changing behaviors, not changing people’s values

Knowledge Base Video: Getting leadership to work on systemic racism change solutions

FREE Webinar

1 Hour with Dr Kathy Obear

Let me show you the powerful, transformative effects that effective inclusion conversations can have in your work – and your life. Come explore ways to skill-up whites to partner with people of color to create more racially just organizations.