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Virtual Institute:
Navigating Difficult Situations, Part 1

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Virtual Institute Video Replay:

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Site Coordinators:

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Navigating Difficult Situations handout – we will be using this handout throughout the Virtual Institute. Please ensure each participant has a printed copy.

Click Here to download your free copy of my book …But I’m Not Racist! Tools for Well-Meaning Whites

Click Here to download your free copy of my book Turn the Tide: Rise Above Toxic, Difficult Situations in the Workplace

If you missed either of Kathy’s recent webinars, Navigating Difficult Situations, Part 1 or Part 2, we highly recommend you review these materials as well.

Webinar, Pt 1

Webinar, Pt 2

Invite Others!

Don’t keep this a secret! Invite friends and colleagues to this 3 hour workshop by sharing this link:

Build on the learning outcomes from the recent 75-minute webinar to help deepen the capacity to:

  • Facilitate and debrief some of my favorite equity and inclusion training activities.
  • Intentionally scaffold activities to accelerate learning and skill development.
  • Anticipate and proactively shift participant resistance.
  • BONUS: Complimentary copies of all three of my books!
  • BONUS: Complimentary supporting materials, plus teaching and talking aids to continue the learning

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