Center for Change and Transformation | Dr Kathy Obear

Virtual Institute:

Recognizing and Interrupting Microaggressions

with Dr. Kathy Obear

No frills, no fluff, just 3 hours of real strategies, helpful tips, activities, and smart tools you and your colleagues can use to recognize and interrupt microaggressions in real time.

Getting real on these and a host of other topics:


Increase your self-awareness and knowledge about the dynamics of exclusionary behavior happening everyday in your organization.


Examine the far-reaching impact of microaggressions on individuals as well as organization goals, morale, productivity, and overall success.


Strengthen your capacity to identify microaggressions in the moment and better understand the negative impact on individuals and the organization.


Gain insight on how you can share these tools and activities to increase the competence of all employees to create inclusive environments that maximize success for everyone.


Explore practical, proven tools and skills to interrupt exclusionary behaviors effectively as well as ways to revise policies and practices, to create greater equity and inclusion.


Challenge yourself to take an honest look within, identifying personal bias and stereotypes, so you can respond and interact more productively.

Enough is ENOUGH

Tired of seeing microaggressions playing out around you every single day?

Get licensed access to Dr. Kathy Obear’s 3 hour Virtual Institute for use in your organization for professional development.

Who Should Attend?

This Virtual Institute is designed not only for current change agents but also for:

  • Those who are potential allies – who are open, curious, caring and committed,
  • Those who may not have yet had much experience learning about the exclusionary dynamics,
  • Those interested in learning more about how to be a change agent in their organization,
  • Those who are seeking to actively create environments with greater social justice and inclusion for all.

What Others Have to Say...

Megan Kosovski

Academic Advisor
Colorado State University

“Dr. Obear’s energy and passion have helped me to feel a renewed sense of purpose, self-worth, and energy.”

Susie Mahoney, Ed.D.

Midlevel Manager

“Kathy’s sessions are engaging, interactive and nonthreatening. She creates a brave space where people can honestly engage and learn from each other’ stories and experiences.”

Renee Pusey

Penn State Extension

“My awareness of Microaggressions has leaped from “What is it?” to “Aware & Able to Identify”. Dr. Obear used great personal examples which demonstrated how we all can benefit from a self examination on this topic.”

Deb Coffin

Senior Executive

“I gained incredible skills which helped me find the courage to be more transparent during conflicts and surface issues that lead to constructive conversations.”

Choose Courage. Choose Honesty.
Choose to be a Catalyst for Change.

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