Developing a Team of Inclusion Practitioners

Kathy will partner with campus leaders to develop a cadre of Inclusion Practitioners within a division and/or across campus. Through this 4-6+ month process participants will develop their capacity to infuse issues of equity and inclusion into daily practices and develop and/or revise policies, programs, practices, and services with an Inclusion Lens.

Inclusion Practitioners can add value in various roles on campus, such as:

  • Provide an Inclusion Lens during staff meetings, on departmental committees and task forces, etc.
  • Serve on Search Committees as an Inclusion Practitioner
  • Serve as a peer coach for colleagues who want to improve their practice.
  • Facilitate Peer Coaching Groups as a part of a comprehensive Professional Development Plan.
  • Co-facilitate professional development sessions for the division.
  • Co-facilitate inclusion training sessions for students served by the division.

Faculty Inclusion Practitioners

Imagine the impact that 15-20 highly motivated faculty can have in their respective departments with a deeper capacity to recognize and respond to difficult situations in the classroom and faculty meetings!

Kathy partners with academic leaders to design and implement meaningful development sessions to increase the ability of select faculty to:

  • Create an inclusive classroom from the start
  • Recognize subtle exclusionary comments and microaggressions that undermine student success
  • Effectively respond in difficult situations and shift unproductive classroom dynamics
  • Navigate their personal fears and emotions during triggering moments to respond effectively
  • Provide peer coaching and support to help faculty colleagues develop these tools and skills