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Navigating Difficult Situations, Pt. 2

Kathy Obear , E.D.D.
author | coach | facilitator | mentor

This time of year often marks a time of increasing stress and tension for many organizations.

The result? Unproductive conflict.

In just 75 minutes, I’ll show you how to more effectively navigate difficult workplace situations.

“This is truly the best webinar I have ever experienced. I don’t know why other webinars aren’t this interactive and engaging. Bravo! 


Dr. Obear did an excellent job focusing on the kinds of workshop tools that are effective with the appropriate support and care that these kinds of subjects warrant. Truly a fantastic job!”

– Dr. Leo Hwang, Dean of Humanities, Greenfield Community College

It’s an ordinary workday when it happens: a minor disagreement explodes into a full-blown conflict. What if you could de-escalate the situation before it spirals out of control?

Let me show you how to transform difficult workplace situations.


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Navigating Difficult Situations, Pt. 2

“Dr. Obear is a phenomenal presence both in person and online. Her seminars/webinars are engaging and relevant to people across all levels of the university hierarchy. I look forward to working with her in the future and encourage everyone with a passion for social justice education to reach out!”

– Brice Mickey, Program Coordinator, University of Cincinnati

Don’t have much time to spare? No worries! At only 75 minutes, this training will fit easily into your busy schedule.

Bring as many colleagues as you can and get a clear understanding into the concepts and skills you need to:

  • Minimize future difficult situations by negotiating effective Working Agreements ahead of time.
  • De-escalate difficult situations in the moment.
  • Effectively engage others when they feel triggered.

We’ve all said and done things in the heat of the moment that we come to regret later on after the dust has settled. Discover how to navigate difficult situations and triggering events in the moment – to create more productive outcomes.

You need effective strategies.
I have them.


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Navigating Difficult Situations, Pt. 2

It’s easy to think you’re doomed to respond automatically every time you encounter a difficult situation. But in reality, you can respond more productively – and you can inspire others to as well.

Unfortunately, we can’t always avoid triggering events (as much as we’d like to). The best strategy? Gain the skills and understanding you need to help you better prepare for difficult workplace situations BEFORE they boil over into major conflict.

“Doing work around inclusion and equity is hard. Dr. Obear uses humor and story telling to help people to understand. Everyone comes into professional development at different levels and she does an excellent job at not shaming or blaming but trying to help others have self-awareness and an appreciation for others.”

– Deanne W. Hurley
VP for Enrollment Management + Student Affairs, Ursuline College

Gain clarity and insight into how you can anticipate and better prepare for possible difficult situations in the workplace.

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75-Minutes with Dr. Kathy Obear

Learn proven tools and strategies to de-escalate your own triggered emotions so you can respond more effectively in the moment.

Wondering who would benefit from attending?

    • Faculty, teachers, and principals
    • Managers, chairs, and supervisors of teams
    • People who train and develop managers, supervisors, faculty & teachers
    • Members of Diversity Councils


Whether it seems like your organization has some of the best laid-out plans – or if it could use some help – there is always room for improvement. Invite your colleagues along and learn how you can better navigate the inevitable triggering events that happen at work.

FREE Webinar

75-Minutes with Dr Kathy Obear

You can’t always avoid conflict. But you can learn the tools to navigate difficult situations more effectively. Bring your colleagues along so they can benefit from this webinar, too!