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Navigating Difficult Situations, Pt. 1

What would it look like if your organization had the tools to build stronger teams by effectively resolving unproductive tension and conflict – BEFORE it undermines performance, working relationships & customer service?

Kathy Obear , E.D.D.
author | coach | facilitator | mentor

“This is truly the best webinar I have ever experienced. I don’t know why other webinars aren’t this interactive and engaging. Bravo!

– Dr. Leo Hwang, Dean of Humanities, Greenfield Community College

Come learn the skills your organization needs to successfully navigate difficult situations and triggering events that lower productivity and erode working relationships.

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Navigating Difficult Situations, Pt. 1

“Dr. Obear is a phenomenal presence both in person and online. Her seminars/webinars are engaging and relevant to people across all levels of the university hierarchy. I look forward to working with her in the future and encourage everyone with a passion for social justice education to reach out!”

– Brice Mickey, Program Coordinator, University of Cincinnati

Difficult situations can spiral out of control into needless conflict that undermines productivity, damages working relationships, and sends morale plummeting.

  • Are you tired of reacting in the same old way to conflict at work?
  • Want to improve the outcome next time with a more productive response?
  • Wish you could guide others to respond more effectively, too?

Bring your colleagues along and let me show you:

  • Ways to decrease the occurrence of difficult situations and triggering events.
  • Common sense tips to effectively negotiate team and classroom norms.
  • Strategies to talk about the dynamics of triggers and triggering events BEFORE they happen.

We thought we had a solid plan, but…

In truth, triggering events that result in unproductive conflict can happen even at organizations with the very best laid-out plans.

You need effective strategies.
I have them.

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Navigating Difficult Situations, Pt. 1

If you’re tired of strategies that aren’t getting the results your organization needs (and deserves), you’ve come to the right place.

You’ll only hear about proven strategies and useful tips that help you build stronger teams by resolving unproductive tension & conflict – BEFORE it undermines performance, working relationships & customer service.

“Doing work around inclusion and equity is hard. Dr. Obear uses humor and story telling to help people to understand. Everyone comes into professional development at different levels and she does an excellent job at not shaming or blaming but trying to help others have self-awareness and an appreciation for others.”

– Deanne W. Hurley
VP for Enrollment Management + Student Affairs, Ursuline College

What’s one thing you won’t be hearing at this webinar? Been-there, tried-that strategies that don’t get measurable results.

FREE Webinar

75-Minutes, with Dr. Kathy Obear

What can we do about conflict in the workplace? How do we navigate triggering events?


Get the tools you need to help your colleagues and team members recognize how to identify their common triggers and hot buttons. I’ll show you what you need to know to de-escalate triggering situations as they happen.

Wondering who would benefit from attending?

    • Faculty, teachers, and principals
    • Managers, chairs, and supervisors of teams
    • People who train and develop managers, supervisors, faculty & teachers
    • Members of Diversity Councils

What a perfect time of year to get the strategies you need to more effectively navigate those difficult, triggering situations we all encounter in the workplace.

FREE Webinar

75-Minutes, with Dr Kathy Obear

Don’t let conflict in the workplace undermine productivity and erode working relationships. Bring your colleagues along so they can benefit from this webinar, too!