Thank you for choosing to host the ‘LUNCH & LEARN’ program with your team!

You’ve taken a huge step toward creating a workplace where staff know how to handle difficult situations by recognizing triggering events and responding to them in more positive ways. These techniques and approaches will help everyone to navigate difficult workplace dynamics with greater ease, clarity, and self-confidence.

Links to your FREE video and guide are below!



Download the Companion Discussion Guide which includes:

  • Suggestions for organizing and advertising the event
  • A detailed outline to lead the session with Talking Points and Discussion Questions to engage the participants

Decide which version of the demonstrational video to show:

  • The first video includes audio and animated visual images
  • The second video includes captions as well

Schedule and lead the discussion.


We’ve created a clear, easy-to-use Companion Discussion Guide to help you effectively lead your Lunch & Learn session.

It includes a detailed outline for running the session as well as talking points and discussion questions to engage participants so they’ll come away with the tools and the confidence to better navigate difficult events when they occur.

The guide also provides suggestions for organizing and advertising your Lunch & Learn event.


Our concise, powerful video will help Lunch & Learn participants to:

  • Examine what triggers negative reactions
  • Identify some of their “triggering events”
  • Realize they can trade automatic negative reactions for more positive responses

There are two versions of the program video: one with audio and animated visual images only and one that includes captions as well as audio and video. Download the version that’s best for you!

Audio and visual demonstration of concepts

Audio and visual demonstration of concepts with captioning

Please note that this is a free service provided to make it easy for you to view these videos.  We would appreciate if you would consider the downloaded videos for personal use only and refer others to my website where they can download their own copies should they wish to do so.

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Once you hold your session, I’d love to know how it went. Please contact me or email me with your thoughts and/or examples of your most common triggering events.

Need Help?

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If you have specific questions or concerns, schedule a 30-minute complimentary strategy session with me to learn how I can help you bring more peace and productivity to your particular organization.