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Interrupting Organizational Racism:

Strategies to Engage Whites in the Work

4-Week Course

with Dr. Kathy Obear

No frills, no fluff, just 4 weeks of real strategies, expert tips, and smart tools you can use to interrupt and dismantle racism in your organization.

Schedule: Oct 18th, Oct 25th, Nov 1st, & Nov 8th at 2:30p ET/ 12:30p MT

All sessions are at 2:30p ET/ 12:30p MT for 90 Minutes. Each session will be recorded and sent out to participants.

Learning Outcomes/Purpose

Deepen your capacity as a white ally and change agent to partner with people of color and other whites to interrupt racist dynamics and practices and create a more racially just organization.

Increase your competence, confidence, and courage to:


Recognize racist attitudes, behaviors and microaggressions in yourself and other whites


 Identify racist implicit bias and white supremacist attitudes that fuel microaggressions and noninclusive policies


Interrupt and shift racist dynamics and microaggressions


Engage in dialogue to explore the impact of racist behaviors and practices


Honestly explore your own racialized socialization


Recognize and interrupt white privilege and internalized dominance


Use a Race Lens to analyze and revise policies, practices, programs, and services to eliminate negative differential impact on people of color


Recognize and shift unproductive white cultural dynamics in your organization to create a more inclusive, racially just organizational climate and culture


Build and expand your accountability community of white allies and change agents

Enough is ENOUGH

Tired of seeing racist dynamics playing out around you every single day?

Join Dr. Kathy Obear starting October 18th for her 4-Week Course on Interrupting Racism in your organization.

Who Should Participate?

This 4-Week Course is not only designed for white change agents, but also for:

  • Those who are potential allies – who are open, curious, caring and committed.
  • Those who may not have had much experience learning about the dynamics of race and racism.
  • Those interested in learning more about whiteness and the critical role of whites to partner with people of color to create greater racial justice.

What Others Have to Say About Working with Kathy...

Brice Mickey

Program Coordinator, University of Cincinnati

“Dr. Obear is a phenomenal presence both in person and online. Her seminars/webinars are engaging and relevant to people across all levels of the university hierarchy…”

Deb Coffin

Senior Executive

“I gained incredible skills which helped me find the courage to be more transparent during conflicts and surface issues that lead to constructive conversations.”

Jennifer Moore

Initiate Equity Consulting

“That has been hands down the best professional development that I have ever received related to equity and diversity! Kathy offers practical, concrete content…”

Dr. Victoria Farris

Farris Consulting

“The course offers a wide range of content… Kathy delivers the content in tangible ways that allowed me to immediately apply new strategies to my work.”

What to Expect:

This 4-Week Course includes:

  • 4 weekly learning sessions – engaging, interactive 90-minutes LIVE with Dr. Kathy Obear.
  • Expert resources and participant workbook that can be used to support your organizational efforts.
  • +3 Monthly follow-up group calls with Kathy to check in on progress and questions.
  • Copies of all 3 of Kathy’s best selling books.
  • Access to Kathy’s complete Knowledge Base, 100+ videos.
  • Access to bonus hot topic interviews with leading inclusion experts, including Dr. Jaime Washington.
But I'm not racist book

Schedule: Oct 18th, Oct 25th, Nov 1st, & Nov 8th at 2:30p ET/ 12:30p MT

All sessions are at 2:30p ET/ 12:30p MT for 90 Minutes. Each session will be recorded and sent out to participants.

Choose Courage. Choose Honesty.
Choose to be a Catalyst for Change.

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