Center for Change and Transformation | Dr Kathy Obear

Are you ready to step up your game to partner with leaders to influence and guide the systemic change your organization needs right NOW?

Envision how you would feel knowing that your leaders and fellow team members can confidently count on you as an invaluable resource to create greater equity and inclusion throughout your organization.

Finally…A 12-Week Inclusion Partner Program with Strategic Leadership Development

Designed to help develop the internal capacity of organizations so that they have the internal resources they need to partner with senior leaders to create more meaningful, sustainable change.

Who will most benefit?

  • Mid-level and senior leaders
  • Facilitators and trainers
  • Staff with high potential for increased leadership
  • Senior Diversity Officers
  • Leaders of Diversity Councils

We’ll cover these topics and more:

  • Creating socially just organizations
  • Identifying and interrupting racism
  • Microaggressions in the workplace
  • Navigating difficult situations
  • Self-care and why you need it

Designed with you in mind…

  • Flexible, self-paced content to fit your busy schedule.
  • Live, expert support to help you every step of the way.
  • Fast, easy access to what you need, when you need it.

No fluff. No frills. No been-there, done-that strategies.
Just real, proven tools and techniques that work.

“Kathy’s sessions are engaging, interactive and nonthreatening. She creates a brave space where people can honestly engage and learn from each other’s stories and experiences.”

– Susie Mahoney, Ed.D., Midlevel Manager

Accelerate your professional development while benefiting your organization as a whole.

Lay the groundwork necessary so that you can become your organization’s go-to person who can be counted on with confidence to lead the change that is so needed.

Regular Program Investment is $2999

Scholarship Price is just $1497

Our world cannot afford to wait. YOU can be an internal catalyst for meaningful, sustainable organizational change. Deepen your capacity to serve as you develop the tools and strategies you need to help others move forward together – to create inclusive, socially just organizations that respect and honor every single person.

Don’t keep this a secret! Share this opportunity with your colleagues and allies so they too can have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in one of the most comprehensive courses for Inclusion Partners ever created. This isn’t just a Inclusion Partner Program – it’s a comprehensive journey of self-discovery and learning.

Do you want a scholarship? I am offering a handful of half-price scholarships to the 1st few people who register for the course.

“I gained incredible skills which helped me find the courage to be more transparent during conflicts and surface issues that lead to constructive conversations”

– Deb Coffin, Ed. D., Senior Executive

Well-intended initiatives to develop the meaningful change needed to create more inclusive, socially just organizations often fall short of desired outcomes. But why?

Find out the answers to that question – and learn fresh approaches to develop lasting, measurable change.

Focused on the BIGGER picture. 

This isn’t just about accelerating your professional development or putting your career on the fast track to success – the emphasis is on a much larger scale: creating a more inclusive, socially just organization.

That philosophy is the very foundation of this groundbreaking new Master Class for Inclusion Partners – in an intense 12-week experience.

We have NO time to waste. 

Meaningful, lasting change is possible. Really, it IS. But in order to facilitate measurable transformation, your organization needs proven strategies that actually work instead of ones that fall short of intended outcomes.

Do you want a scholarship?
I am offering half-price scholarships to the 1st few people who register.

In one of the most comprehensive programs for Inclusion Partners ever created, we’ll cover these topics and more:

Creating inclusive, socially just organizations

Why well-intended initiatives often fall short of desired outcomes; fresh approaches to develop lasting change and transformation.

Interrupting racism

Deepen your capacity to recognize, as well as effectively interrupt and dismantle racist attitudes and behaviors that occur all around us, every day.


What they are (and why you might be missing them); their long-term harmful effects; strategies to halt them effectively.

Navigating difficult situations

Identify hot buttons and triggers in yourself and others; discover proven tools to respond more productively in every situation.


Why caring for yourself first is essential; ways to incorporate it into your daily life; how to create an entire community of care.

“Dr. Obear’s energy and passion have helped me to feel a renewed sense of purpose, self-worth, and energy.”

– Megan Kosovski, Academic Advisor Colorado State University

Learn the tools and strategies you need to help others move forward together – to create inclusive, socially just organizations that respect, honor and value every single person.

Regular Program Investment is $2999

Scholarship Price is just $1497

Let’s take this intensive, 12-week journey together to discover, learn and grow as we cover every topic you need to know about as an Inclusion Partner.