6-Week Courageous Leadership Program

Center for transformation and change with Dr Kathy Obear
Calling All Bad-Ass Change Agents Who Want Less Conflict and More Creative Problem-Solving at Work - and in the World!

Kathy Obear , E.D.D.
life coach | author | mentor

Is unresolved conflict and team dysfunction slowing down progress and undermining team productivity?

Are you a natural leader, always looking for more effective ways to solve problems?

Do employees complain to you about difficult situations and all the challenging people they have to work with?

  • Yet after giving some advice, you run out of tools to share with them?
  • Do you leave the conversation feeling unfinished, maybe powerless to help them?
  • How much do these mismanaged conflicts negatively affect the team? Even impact you and your work?

Marie was feeling overwhelmed and deeply pained by the extensive dysfunction and conflict in her organization. She would try to help others figure out what steps they could take and what they could do differently, but nothing ever changed. In fact, tensions got worse. Productivity suffered and morale plummeted. She wanted to work in a creative, innovative environment, but at this point, most people were too scared or too weary to do more than the bare minimum to get by.

If you can relate to Marie, I’d like to invite you to apply for my Courageous Leadership program.

Can you imagine having, at your fingertips, the insights and tools to effectively coach your direct reports and colleagues who are blundering through and mismanaging dysfunctional team dynamics?

Do you want a tool kit of strategies to help them effectively handle conflicts on their own, so all you have to do is celebrate their progress and success?

And can you imagine sharing these resources with new managers and employees before they get stuck in dysfunctional team dynamics? So you have many more partners with the capacity to create inclusive work environments throughout the organization?

Patrice was out of options. Her team members were so tangled in conflict they kept missing critical deadlines. She was afraid the annual benefit gala might be a major disaster. She tried everything she knew to resolve the tension and team dysfunction.

Then she decided to have everyone complete this course as a full team and used her staff meetings to talk about how each of them could use the different tools and concepts to resolve conflicts with each other and within their working groups.

As a result, she felt far more confident to coach and supervise them as they tried out these new leadership strategies in real time. After a few weeks, she noticed her directors came to her less often to complain and were far better equipped to handle some difficult situations on their own. When they came to her for advice and coaching on the more challenging situations, they were able to easily come up with creative solutions together. And in the end, the gala was a huge success.

It took me years to learn these skills on my own and, unfortunately, along the way I damaged so many relationships. All I could do was sit there and watch my colleagues mismanage difficult situations, escalate the tension and team dysfunction, and in the process, sabotage their careers in the organization.

I work with so many people who can see the dysfunctional team dynamics but can only offer compassionate listening as their direct reports and colleagues describe the pain and challenges they are experiencing; they have so little practical advice, much less a toolkit, to offer them in the beginning. They feel powerless as they watch people they care about slowly lose their passion and motivation for the job.

Clients who work with me accelerate their capacity to resolve difficult situations for themselves and increase their ability to help others use these same tools and strategies to navigate challenging conflicts at work.

You can help others find the courage and confidence to speak up and learn the skills to respond effectively in the moment.

Geri could only sit back and watch as Denny repeatedly mismanaged conflicts during budget negotiations, creating a deep wedge between himself and the other executives.

Can you Relate?

Learn how Geri gained the necessary tools to share with Denny and later told me how the executive meetings were far more productive now that they both could work in tandem to navigate these difficult situations.

For those who know me, my calendar is usually booked out several months ahead for trainings, and some clients schedule me a year in advance. When I was planning the dates for this program, it just happened that I had enough open dates to schedule these live calls early this fall. I honestly don’t know the next time my calendar will be this flexible to offer this course again.

I gained incredible skills which helped me find the courage to be more transparent during conflicts and surface issues that lead to constructive conversations rather than dancing around difficult topics.

Deb Coffin, Senior Executive

With compassion, clarity, and wisdom, Kathy Obear offers page after page of helpful insights and strategies for navigating difficult interpersonal situations. It’s an accessible read that’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to better handle workplace dynamics.

Diane J. Goodman
Ed. D., Diversity Trainer and Consultant, author of Promoting Diversity and Social Justice, 2nd Edition

Within any organization there are natural leaders who carry much of the burden and responsibility to create inclusive, healthy organizations. My clients tend to be those people.

I know you can improve the climate and organizational culture if you get the tools you need to do what you do naturally, but even better. I want everyone in your organization to have the confidence and capacity to effectively respond in difficult situations, especially when they feel triggered.

Reading a book or listening to a pod cast may be helpful, but most of your colleagues won’t develop these skills until someone they know and trust shows them new ways to engage in conflict. If you believe you are this type of person, click here to find out more about how you can coach others to resolve toxic, challenging workplace dynamics.

By the way, I am offering a few half-price scholarships to the 1st people who sign up for the course!

About Dr. Kathy Obear

An expert at training leaders and facilitators to navigate difficult dialogues and triggering events, Dr. Kathy Obear has over 30 years of experience as an organizational development consultant and trainer specializing in inclusion, team and organizational effectiveness, conflict resolution, and change management. The focus of her on-going work is to increase passion, competence, and commitment to create inclusive, socially just environments for all members of an organization.

Dr. Obear has facilitated “training of trainers” programs for student affairs professionals, faculty, and student leaders at numerous colleges and universities, and she has been a consultant to hundreds of universities, human service and K-12 organizations, and corporations across the United States and abroad.

She is a co-founder of the Social Justice Training Institute (www.sjti.org).