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Host your own ‘LUNCH & LEARN’ team event to discuss difficult situations and triggering events and how they impact people in the workplace

Turn the Tide

Find the tools here to lead an interactive, informative session with your team / colleagues!

Watching this video will help people begin to:

  • Identify common “triggering events”
  • Analyze why they may feel triggered in the workplace
  • Realize it is possible to react more productively in difficult, triggering situations

How it works

Download the Companion Discussion Guide which includes:

  • Suggestions for organizing and advertising the event
  • A detailed outline to lead the session with Talking Points and Discussion Questions to engage the participants

Decide which version of the video to show:

  • The first video includes audio and animated visual images
  • The second video includes captions as well

Schedule and lead the discussion

Video with audio and visual images demonstrating concepts

Trigger Event Intro

Video with audio and captioning, as well as visual demonstration of concepts

What is a Trigger Event?

Do you have internet bandwidth issues and need to download the videos to be played on a local machine?  Do that by clicking the download links below.  This will open a new browser window where you can download.  Please contact support if you have questions about this procedure.

Please note that this is a free service provided to make it easy for you to view these videos.  We would appreciate if you would consider the downloaded videos for personal use only and refer others to my website where they can download their own copies should they wish to do so.

View the Triggering Events Video

I would love to know how the session went!  Please contact me or email me your insights as well as more examples of common triggering events.

And if you would like to schedule a 30-minute complimentary strategy session to talk about possible next steps, I would love to connect and you can do that here.

If you have any problems accessing materials or downloading worksheets, please email support and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.