Center for transformation and change with Dr Kathy Obear

Kathy Obear , E.D.D.
life coach | author | mentor

6-Month Certification Program

Interested in my year-long certification program, but not sure about the commitment level or cost?

I’m now offering some of the great features and benefits in a virtual format, in half the time and at a lower cost!

I am committed to creating a community of leaders to learn with me as they choose courage to step up and create the world they envision.

In this 6-month Virtual Program, you will deepen your capacity to:

  • Resolve difficult conversations and complex situations
  • Mobilize people at all levels to create inclusive, socially just organizations
  • Design and facilitate powerful training and coaching sessions
  • Effectively navigate your own triggered emotions and show up more effectively
  • Infuse radical self-care practices into your life to restore and rejuvenate yourself

In this Program, we work together to develop skills and competencies you need to ignite greater change and transformation. Whether you want to expand your capacity as a leader, change agent, speaker, consultant, trainer, and/or coach, I am here to support you along the way to achieve your goals.

You will have access to me through these Program Features:

Group Mentoring Zoom Calls ~ Twice a month, we’ll meet to discuss and problem-solve your specific questions and issues. Group discussions allow you to gather insights, ideas, and support from other members of the Program as well as from me.

Private Facebook Group just for members of the Program where you can ask questions, offer perspectives and support, and coach others to success.

Access to ALL of my books, training materials, and other educational resources, including my 6-video course and Workbook, “Navigating Difficult Situations in the Workplace.”

Free tickets to all of my live webinars and tele-classes

Opportunity to earn a free 1-1 coaching call with me if you compete the video course, “Navigating Difficult Situations in the Workplace,” in the 1st two months

I am offering two payment options for this Program:

Paid in full = $3000


3 payments of $1100

I gained incredible skills which helped me find the courage to be more transparent during conflicts and surface issues that lead to constructive conversations rather than dancing around difficult topics.

Deb Coffin, Senior Executive

Kathy’s sessions are engaging, interactive and nonthreatening. She creates a brave space where people can engage honestly and learn from each other’ stories and experiences.

Susie Mahoney, Ed.D., Midlevel Manager

I am offering two payment options for this Program:

Paid in full = $3000


3 payments of $1100

It is imperative that leaders and staff demonstrate the capacity and competence to create inclusive environments that support the success of the full breadth of members in their organizations and effectively meet the needs of the increasingly diverse populations they serve.
– Dr. Kathy Obear